Question about tags of Docker images

Reading the instructions here I was slightly puzzled about the tags of your Docker images.

I mean, currently I see that in the provided script you’re using the beta version (i.e.: 1.3.11-SNAPSHOT) while the latest tag of the image refers to the older 1.3.10.

Which one do I have to use? Is the latest image fine too? Why is the latest older than beta?

Hi. latest refers to the latest stable version, which is 1.3.10 at the moment. There was some ongoing development, which was released in a snapshot image and marked with beta.
Use either latest, or explicitly specified version 1.3.10 to stay on the safe side - snapshot and beta may have surprises.

I think we should change the Docker Hub page script. If the safest for use is to go with the latest tag, it’s better to provide that tag in the script. Otherwise, it gets confusing.

Good point. Updated to latest

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